My name is Dmitriy Kravtsov and I'm a software developer. I'm making:

# Tools for Windows:(C# .Net)
# Cross-platform software:(ActionScript3, Adobe AIR)
# Windows automation software:(C++, WinAPI)
# Web games:(JavaScript, pixi)
# Android applications and games:(ActionScript3, Adobe AIR, Starling, Feathers, away3D)

My hobbies:
# automation systems / human imitation / robots / game bots.

# Ukraine

# Computer Engineer (DonNTU, 2002-2007)

# Summer 2015 - present time.
Tasks: cross-platform software development (Actionscript 3 / AIR for Windows, Mac and Android), web applications (JavaScript).

# December 2010 - Summer 2015.
Tasks: Web applications and game development (Flash, Actionscript 3), mobile development (AS3, Starling, Feathers, Adobe Air), Java tools.
Achievements: Own 2D game engines author; Map editor author; Android and Flash games developer.

# October 2008 - December 2010.
Tasks: Office applications and automation utilities development (C++, WinAPI), developer tools creation (C++, Java), 3D programmer (DirectX).
Achievements: Own script language (autoIt-like) author; Own 3D Engine (DirectX) author; Logic & gameplay parts game developer.

# August 2004 - October 2008.
Tasks: Office applications development (VB6, ActiveX, C++, WinAPI), backend web development (PHP, MySQL).
Achievements: Finished 1C-like office tools system and CMS for fast sites creation as the main programmer.

# Outsourcing.
Need some special script or soft? Ask me, rent me. Flexible hour rate for fun projects and startups.